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Dictionary of military and associated terms, acronyms and abbreviations available here.

Military to civilian time conversion assistance available here.


Your force's mission is to establish/defend a FOB within the AO, reconnoiter/patrol the AO, seize/secure key points within the AO, and achieve primary objectives as directed by force command.



Size In the area that you are going to be operating in, The enemy is estimated to be 15 to 20 men strong.

Activity According to intel the enemy is establishing/defending a FOB within the AO and reconnoitering/patrolling the AO, seizing/securing key points within the AO.

Location Their position(s) are located in within the AO.

Unit They are suspected to be strictly organized and have special operation forces advisors attached.

Equipment They are suspected to be equipped with various small arms and small amounts of ordinance.

Movement They are expected to remain within the AO.

Morale Their overall morale is considered to be high due to the nature of their mission and the recent attachment of special operation forces advisors.

Probable Course of Action The enemy will probably establish/defend a FOB within the AO, reconnoiter/patrol the AO, attempt to seize/secure key points within the AO, and attempt to block/delay/destroy friendly forces and supplies.

NBC Capability Enemy NBC capability is confirmed to be zero.




In the AO, the terrain is generally wooded. It has diverse relief with high and low ground and varying degrees of natural cover and concealment. The AO contains dangerous vegetation such as poison ivy and poison oak.

Observation and Fields of Fire Visibility may be medium to low in most areas of the AO due to vegetation and depending on the time of year.  Fields of fire may be limited in many areas of the AO due to deciduous and coniferous forests located in the AO.

Cover and Concealment The deciduous and coniferous forests located in the AO should provide sufficient cover in most areas of the AO. Vegetation in the AO should provide excellent cover in most areas of the AO depending on the time of year.

Obstacles Thick and/or thorny vegetation in some areas of the AO could impede travel.

Avenues of Approach Your force's jump off point will be an area of key terrain. Trails and makeshift roads are present throughout the AO.

Key Terrain The AO features many manmade strategic points including in-ground fighting positions, HQ-type buildings and an 18 building compound centered on a 20 ft. tower.  Advantageous higher ground can be located on the northeastern and western boundaries of the AO.


The general weather forecast for the operational timeframe is sunny.

  1. High of 79 F
  2. Low of 55 F
  3. Winds 0 mph
  4. Wind dir. NA
  5. Illum. .77
  6. Moon rise 11:41 Hours
  7. Moon set  21:46 Hours
  8. Sunrise 06:36 Hours
  9. Sunset 19:43 Hours
  10. BMNT 05:34 Hours
  11. EENT 20:45 Hours



Friendly Forces There will be no friendly forces operating in the area.

Attachments/Detachments There will be a special operations forces advisor attached to each squad.



Operations will be commence on Saturday morning, 0930 hours and conclude on Saturday evening, 2100 hours.

See Itinerary and Operational Timeline for more detailed information.






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