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30 AUGUST 11 -- Natural Selection 2011 Media Released


Please click here for official photos from Natural Selection 2011.




30 AUGUST 11 -- Raffle Finalist Named


Following Natural Selection 2011, a raffle was held and a “finalist” was selected.  This finalist will have a chance to win a raffle following the final presentation of Outpost, held 24 September 11.  The finalist was:


Jake Hoffman


The winner of the delicious Oregon Freeze Dry Mountain House meal was:


Kevin Burroughs


EAG awarded multiple free passes to future presentations of EAG events.  The winners were:


John Walker - September Outpost

Justin Patishnock - The 2012 Event


In addition, EAG awarded a King Size Pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to one lucky participant.  The winner was John Healy.




30 AUGUST 10 -- Superior Element Named


Element Four was awarded the The EAG Combat Simulations’ Natural Selection Superior Element Cup by EAG Combat Simulations Command on 27 August 2011 in recognition of outstanding achievement during combat operations in The People's Republic of Engaria.  The EAG Combat Simulations’ Natural Selection Superior Element Cup is considered by many to be the most prestigious award in the combat simulations community.  Congratulations Element Four!





30 AUGUST 11 - Mission Complete


It is our distinct pleasure to report the recent operations in Engaria a complete mission success.  A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE ATTENDEES AND OUR SPONSORS FOR THE OUTSTANDING SUPPORT DURING THE OPERATION.  All elements performed above and beyond expectations.  All elements' outstanding efforts to achieve the objectives have truly proven that you have what it takes to get the job done.  Our congratulations to all of you on your excellence in all endeavors.  Please standby for official Natural Selection 2011 photos.




25 AUGUST 11 -- Agency Releases Passwords, Directives and Issues Official Papers


The passwords to access the element specific areas of the discussion board have been released.  Make use of this secure area of the board to get to know those you'll be operating with and to establish your element's SOPs.


The situation in Engaria has deteriorated.  Some vehicle check points have been abandoned by the personnel manning them.  If your element is interested in the opportunity to gain more raffle tickets by manning a VCP and inspecting inbound vehicles for VIEDs, please contact your agency contact.  Unless an element steps up, there may be no VCP challenge.


Official Papers have been issued.  They can also be found here.  Print it, fill it out completely and bring it with you to EAG.


If you are in contact with other members of your element, please check with them to confirm that they have received their papers as well.




25 AUGUST 11 -- Rosters Finalized

The element rosters have been finalized.  Standby for
the release of the passwords for the restricted areas of the discussion boards.




01 JUNE 11 -- The Natural Selection 2011 Briefing Website is Now Live


Welcome to the Official Natural Selection 2011 Briefing Website, where you will find the latest and most accurate information concerning the simulation.  Make sure to check back often as we will continually make new information available.























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