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All directives outlined in the Insurrection Element Briefing Rules of Engagement are provided to give the participants involved a safe and honorable combat simulation environment.

The 3 most essential rules to remember are:

Approved eye protection must be worn at all times while in the chronograph & target range and while on the battlefield. If you take your eye protection off in these areas you are risking the loss of an eye. Any participant that is found not wearing eye protection in these areas will be immediately removed from the simulation. If this happens twice the participant will be removed permanently from the simulation without refund. While on the battlefield, if you must clean your eye protection, do not remove it. Wipe the outside off with your gloves, shirtsleeve, a handkerchief or a clean soft rag. Never lift the eye protection and wipe the inside. If they can't be wiped and/or your vision is impaired, then leave the battlefield or call for assistance in leaving the battlefield. If your eye protection comes off, comes loose from the frame, comes loose at the strap or lens cracks on the field, place your hands over your eyes, drop to the ground, call out: "EMERGENCY!" and yell for assistance. Do not look up. Anyone assisting must hover over the participant until he gets the eye protection on and/or is escorted off the battlefield. Never shoot at anyone who is not wearing approved eye protection.

Magazines should be removed, selectors should be on safe and barrel blocking devices should be in place while in the staging and parking areas, before and after chronographing and target shooting in the chronograph & target range and before and after the simulation on the battlefield. If you leave your magazine engaged, the weapon in fire mode and fail to put in place the barrel-blocking device in these areas and/or at these times you are risking accidental discharge of your weapon. Any participant found with a magazine engaged, a weapon not selected to safe and/or a weapon without a barrel-blocking device in place in these areas and/or at these times will be warned. If this happens twice the participant will be removed permanently from the simulation without refund.

Weapons should not be discharged in the staging or parking areas. This also means no discharging blank shots. If you discharge your weapon in these areas you are risking accidentally shooting a participant who is not wearing eye protection. Any participant found discharging his weapon in these areas will be warned. If this happens twice the participant will be removed permanently from the simulation without refund.


Other important rules and procedures of play:


Any participant not abiding by or abusing these rules will be dismissed by EAG Combat Simulations staff without refund.





EAG reserves the right to decline or accept any person as a participant in any simulation at any time, including prior to initiation or during a simulation.


All participants must sign both waivers and read/watch/listen to all rules and procedures of play before they may participate.


Participants under 18 must have guardian consent.

The possession and use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited. Persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be dismissed from the simulation without refund.

No participants may enter the battlefield on Friday nor on Saturday before the simulation begins. Participants also may not enter the battlefield during the ceasefire phases of the simulation.


Props and identification devices may not be altered in any way.





Only EAG approved equipment is allowed. Firearms, knives, and explosives are strictly forbidden.

Observe all safety rules applicable to firearms when handling Airsoft weapons or other devices capable of launching projectiles.




Radio communication equipment is authorized for use.


Use of jamming equipment is prohibited.


Scanning is authorized.





Our insurance requires us to tell you that facemasks with ear protection or balaclavas are required.


Facemasks with ear protection or balaclavas are required for all players under 18. 


All goggles must meet the following requirements:

1.       Polycarbonate lens construction that meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 or ANSI Z80.3 standards.

2.       Goggles must set securely against your face. No gaps that a bb could pass through may be present.

Mesh goggles are not permitted due to the possibility of debris from simulated concussion grenades.





All participants intending to use their own equipment must report to the chronograph & target range before signing in.

Velocities and corresponding engagement distances are as follows:


Three shot average of 0-300 with.25g: Targets may be engaged on full or semi auto at any distance (except point blank).

Three shot average of 301-350 with.25g: Targets that are farther than 25' may be engaged on full or semi auto. Targets that are within 25' may be engaged with a single shot, below the shoulders.


Three shot average of 351-400 with.25g: Targets that are farther than 100' may be engaged on semi auto.  Targets that are within 100' may not be engaged

Any participant found not abiding by or abusing these standards will be removed permanently from the simulation without refund, no warnings.





No participant may move outside the perimeter of the active battlefield. Participants that travel out of bounds during play are automatically eliminated.


Participants may not shoot through the boundaries into other areas of play.




Participants who use any structures such as the urban area buildings, do so at their own risk.





Simulation evolutions start and stop with a whistle blow.

Participants can stop the simulation in a case of emergency. Participants can call out: "EMERGENCY!" if there is an injury or someone's eye protection is off. During an EMERGENCY, all participants must stop play.


No faking of injuries. This is not an acceptable tactic.





No rearranging the field in any way or building of barricades.

No participant may take with him into the battlefield or fashion while there, an object designed to function as a shield against being hit.




An advisor will be attached to each element.  This advisor will be unarmed and should not be fired upon intentionally. 


Blind shooting at close range is disallowed.

Headshots count. However we discourage shooting at the head, neck and groin areas. No participant may intentionally shoot at any other participant's head or face. Repeats will be removed permanently from the simulation without refund.




A neutrality symbol would be a weapon held above the head.


A participant is emphatically disallowed from shooting at any other participant showing a neutrality symbol, any non-participant, any staff member or any wildlife.

Active participants that fire upon eliminated participants who do not clearly display the elimination signals and procedures cannot be held accountable.

Eliminated participants, staff members, or spectators cannot be used as cover or shields.



Casualty Collection Point (CCP)


Elements will be assigned (1) flag with a red cross, (1) clipboard with his element's roster and (1) pen.  These three items will form his element's Casualty Collection Point (CCP).


Eliminated participants should not shoot on the way to their element's CCP, as this will distract and confuse active participants. This also means no discharging blank shots.


All eliminated participants visiting their element's CCP must sign in on the CCP clipboard.





Rounds that ricochet and hit do not count.


If a participant's weapon is hit, it is considered useless until it is taken to his element's CCP.  Participants visiting their element's CCP for weapon repair must sign in on the CCP clipboard.

A participant that shoots himself or is shot by his own teammate is eliminated.

If two participants hit each other simultaneously, both participants are eliminated.

Any participant caught ignoring a hit during play will be considered eliminated and will be warned. If this happens twice the participant will be removed permanently from the simulation without refund.




All participants will be playing by a one shot, one kill rule. If a participant is hit anywhere with the exception of the weapon, he is eliminated.  To more realistically simulate "dying" on the battlefield, a participant must not raise his arms and call out that he's been hit.  Instead, he should fall dead and remain in that position until that firefight has ended.  When that firefight has ended the eliminated participant should rise, hold his weapon above his head and report to his element's CCP.  Once the eliminated participant has signed in at his CCP, he is considered resurrected.


Knife kills and similar hand-to-hand combat is prohibited.


Staff members acting in supporting roles during the simulation may employ knife kills and similar hand-to-hand combat.


No "liberating" of weapons and/or equipment from eliminated participants unless consent is verbally expressed beforehand.


Eliminated participants are not allowed to communicate in any way with other active participants.

Eliminated participants should leave their eye protection on.


Active participants that walk with eliminated participants automatically become eliminated participants.





Participants should ask opponents within 20ft to surrender, but they are not required to respond. If they do respond that they surrender they may be taken prisoner.

Captured enemy participants are worth points. In the event of a capture, captors should deliver the EPW, to their advisor within 30 minutes of capture.


Weapons and/or equipment may be taken from EPWs but may not be tampered with and must be returned upon release.



Several trip wire improvised explosive devices (IED) will have been employed on the battlefield prior to the start of the simulation.

An explosion caused by an EAG approved IED kills any participants within 10 feet of the detonation.


An explosion caused by an EAG approved simulated concussion grenade, occurring in open terrain, kills any participants within 10 feet of the detonation.


An explosion caused by an EAG approved simulated concussion grenade, occurring in closed quarters, kills any participants within the closed quarters.


Hits caused by an EAG approved simulated fragmentation grenade/device count the same as hits from a weapon.





Participants with tempers should leave them at home. Participants may not contact or grab anyone in an aggressive manner.


Participants may not aggressively touch anyone or cause anyone to fall. Violation of this rule is cause for immediate and permanent removal without refund.

No unsportsmanlike conduct, arguments, threats, racial or personal derogatories, abusive or foul language, taunting, provoking, obscene gestures, or verbal aggression is allowed.


Participants reported to be shouting “YOU'RE HIT!” or similar phrases at other participants will be considered to be displaying aggressive behavior and will be warned. If this happens twice the participants will be removed permanently from the simulation without refund.


Always give your opponent the benefit of the doubt.




If a participant is out of shape or get too hot, he should pace himself. Take up a defensive position and rest. The action will eventually come to the participant. The simulation can be more physically demanding than participants may be used to. Participants with heart conditions or other ailments should have a physician's OK to play.


Airsoft is an inherently dangerous activity, requiring significant physical exertion. Participation in Insurrection carries inherent risks that cannot be eliminated. Risks include, but are not limited to, minor injuries (such as scratches, bruised or strained muscles and ligaments), major injuries (such as loss of eyesight, joint or back injuries, heart attacks and concussions), and catastrophic injuries (such as paralysis or death).   All Insurrection participation is voluntary. Participants knowingly assume all such risks.



Trash must not be left on the field, on the chronograph & target range or in the staging or parking areas. Please place all trash in the appropriate trashcans located in the staging area.

National, regional and local laws apply.






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