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25 JUNE 08 -- Natural Selection 2008 Media Released


Please click here for official photos from Natural Selection 2008.




25 JUNE 08 -- Natural Selection 2008 AAR


After action reviews of Natural Selection 2008 are available here.




24 JUNE 08 -- Raffle Finalists Named


Following Natural Selection 2008, a raffle was held and 3 “finalists” were selected.  These finalists will have a chance to win the Classic Army M14 Match AEG donated by Redwolf in a raffle following the final presentation of Direct Action, held 27 September 08.  The finalists are:



Caleb Krieg


John Miller


Andrew Ball


In addition, EAG awarded multiple free passes to future presentations of EAG events.  The winners were:


Trey Kanouff - July Direct Action

Caleb Krieg - July Direct Action

Gabe Gladfelter - EAG at WNYAL

Kevin Chlipala - EAG at WNYAL

Steve Dougherity - September Direct Action

Carlton Cole - September Direct Action




24 JUNE 08 -- Superior Element Named


Element Four was awarded the The EAG Combat Simulations’ Natural Selection Superior Element Cup by EAG Combat Simulations Command on 21 June 2008 in recognition of outstanding achievement during combat operations in The People's Republic of Engaria.  The EAG Combat Simulations’ Natural Selection Superior Element Cup is considered by many to be the most prestigious award in the combat simulations community.  Congratulations Element Four!


1st Row L to R: Mike Brundage, Andrew Bal (CO), David Roy

2nd Row L to R: Gabe Gladfelter, Caleb Krieg




23 JUNE 08 - Mission Complete


It is our distinct pleasure to report the recent operations in Engaria a complete mission success.  A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE ATTENDEES AND OUR SPONSOR FOR THE OUTSTANDING SUPPORT DURING THE OPERATION.  All elements performed above and beyond expectations.  All elements' outstanding efforts to achieve the objectives have truly proven that you have what it takes to get the job done.  Our congratulations to all of you on your excellence in all endeavors.  Please standby for official Natural Selection 2008 reports and photos.




23 JUNE 08 -- Vehicle Checkpoint Challenge Report


There was 1 attempt to pass a VBIED though the 15/A checkpoint.  It was successful, gaining Patriot Squad, 5 extra raffle tickets.

Patriot Squad's IED:



Patriot Squad's IED and Caleb Krieg's IED tied for "IED judged to appear the most realistic" earning both an additional 2 extra raffle tickets.




18 JUNE 08 - METT-T Updated


Information provided in the METT-T has been updated.

The weather information has been updated to reflect the current forecast for the operational timeframe.  Weather forecasts for the days leading up to and following the operation can be found:






15 JUNE 08 -- Agency Releases Passwords, Directives and Issues Official Papers


The passwords to access the element specific areas of the discussion board have been released.  Make use of this secure area of the board to get to know those you'll be operating with and to establish your element's SOPs.


Troops interested in experiencing a realistic vehicle check point are encouraged to arrive at the EAG AO between 1700 and 1900 hours on Friday. 

All troops arriving within this timeframe will experience a realistic vehicle check point - GOGGLES REQUIRED. 

Troops arriving within this timeframe are challenged to attempt to move a vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) through the check point undetected.  Troops who successfully move a VBIED through the check point undetected will earn extra raffle tickets.  Challenge guidelines here.


Official Papers have been issued.  They can also be found here.  Print it, fill it out completely and bring it with you to EAG. You will not be permitted to enter the Area of Operations without it - have it ready when you approach the EAG entrance checkpoint.  Individuals attempting to enter the AO without the proper paperwork will be detained and questioned.


Please contact your agency contact and confirm you have received your official papers.  If you are in contact with other members of your element, please check with them to confirm that they have received their papers as well.




15 JUNE 08 - Missions Updated


OP:BGM updated:  Grid added.

OP:PL updated:  Grid added.

OP:FL updated:  Instructions added.




04 JUNE 08 - Missions Updated


OP:DC updated:  IMINT updated.

OP:ED updated:  IMINT added.




16 MAY 08 - Contract Services/Pricing Revised


Element leaders will be issued $1000 in Engarian currency to assist in their mission.

Security Contractor - $50 Engarian per .5 hr

Driver and vehicle - $50 Engarian per leg
Casualty Load Limit: 2
Fuel Drum Load Limit: 2
Casualties and Fuel Drums may not be transported in the same run.

Medic - $50 Engarian per .5 hr
Medical Supplies - $50 Engarian per 2-pack

Demolitions Contractors - $50 Engarian per .5 hr
Demolition Supplies (Claymores, Tripwire, Concussion Grenade):
$50 Engarian for first of each evolution
$50 Engarian and $10 US for each after ($10 US refundable if demo not used)

Electronic Intelligence
ELINT Contractor - $50 Engarian per .5 hr

Operational Intelligence (Intelligence, Operational Timeline, Missions)
$50 Engarian per 2 queries answered regarding any operational information that is available on the briefing website.




21 MARCH 08 -- The Natural Selection 2008 Briefing Website is Now Live


Welcome to the Official Natural Selection 2008 Briefing Website, where you will find the latest and most accurate information concerning the simulation.  Make sure to check back often as we will continually make new information available.
























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