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February Direct Action Specific Considerations

  • Winter maintenance on the township roads to the field is limited.

  • Winter access on the road at the field is limited.  If snow has fallen, we will plow the road at the field as well as the terrain will allow for.

  • 4WD capability is recommended.

  • Parking space is normally limited.  If snow has fallen, parking space will be especially limited.  Please carpool when at all possible.

  • There will be no on site camping available for the February simulation date.

  • We will attempt to create a small relief area within the staging area with some heat and shelter from the elements for the times between mission.

  • There will be some free camping available on site for the May, July and September simulation dates.

  • There are no shower facilities.  There are shower facilities at the local truck stops.

  • There will be no “porta-potty” on site.

  • There is no running water on site.

  • There is electricity on site.

  • There are two hotels and a motel within minutes of the site for troops who wish to arrive early and/or leave late and opt not to camp.  They are:

Hampton Inn & Suites Lamar     570.726.3939
Comfort Inn of Lamar     570.726.4901                                                                                        

Browns Hill Tavern and Motel     570.726.3090

  • There is a very nice Bed and Breakfast within 30 minutes of the site for troops who wish to please their significant others.  It is:

Keller House     888.554.2588

  • RVs may be parked at the site for some of the simulation dates, however there are no water/power/sanitation capabilities on site.  There are 2 campgrounds which may have water/power/sanitation capabilities within 10 miles of the site for troops who are traveling in RVs.  They are:

Fort Bellefonte Campground     814.355.9820
Bellefonte KOA Campground    

  • No food will be offered on site. All troops are encouraged to bring their own food or money to purchase meals at area restaurants or convenience stores.

  • Grills are allowed on site.

  • There are 2 family style restaurants, 2 truck stop restaurants, a McDonald’s, 2 Subways and 4 convenience stores all within minutes of the site.

  • Ensure that there is a means to keep your money in a safe place.  There are ATMs in the area but not on site.

  • Parking will be free, however space is limited.  Please carpool when possible.




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